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Wild Horse Study in Australia:
Brian Hampson, Postgraduate PhD scholar,  School of Veterinary Sciences, The University of Queensland, Australia
Hoof Care: Trainers: Other:
100 miles barefoot. Mark Rashid
Trainer with a soft attitude.
Problem solving and horsemanship clinics, books and more.

Jogging shoes for horses.

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High performance barefoot horses.
Leslie Desmond
True Horsemanship Through Feel
Keep your pasture clean.
Pete Ramey.
Competing in Reining bridleless and bareback
The official web site
Marjorie Smith
How the hoof works, instructions for transition to barefoot, and how to do a "wild horse" barefoot trim.
Learn It From Equines strives to assist clients with a greater sense of self awareness, empowerment, and life skills through interactions with horses. We are committed to enhancing relationships, communication, self confidence, and self esteem.
Natural horse care, barefoot trimming, and natural horsemanship workshops and clinics.
Swedish Horse Keeping since year 2000.
The strategy is to give the young horse the opportunity to grow up in a natural and strengthening environment. With the handling and care that is required to allow for the horse to develop in a sound and decicive way the reslut will be hardy and well performing sport horses.
Click on the English flag.
Cheryl Henderson
Hoof trimming school
DVD Video Training Series, HORSE TALK Relationship & Bridleless. The ultimate bond between horse and rider!
Join young, talented riders as they take the audience on a breathtaking journey through maneuvers and jumps that even few experienced riders can handle… all without the aid of saddles or bridles.
Excelent boots market survey and boot swap page.
  www.bitlessbridle.comThe Bitless Bridle provides a comprehensive method of signaling being painless and effective, safe and humane.
Donn Egidio
Trimming in Las vegas
Joe and Kathleen Camp
The Horse's Hoof is an informational barefoot horse care website plus a
quarterly printed 24 page barefoot horse magazine that has been published
since 2000.
Dynamic site put together by a forward thinking experienced British horse owner. The site is dedicated to natural horsecare for performance horses. Barefoot, bitless, living, feeding, training and running a yard is all extensively covered with solutions to all of the above.
Cindy Sullivan
Find a barefoot trimmer.
Community for horse owners with insuline resistant horses.
Over 80 articles on natural horse care, horsemanship and hoof care by Cynthia Cooper in Tasmania, Australia.
Produce your own Colloidal/Ionic Silver.
Do-it-your self solutions.