Here are some pictures from our last visit to Pryor Mountain,
in Wyoming and Montana, May 2008.

These Mustangs in Pryor Mountain are so frequently observed that BLM gave them names.
The Mustangs that was born in 2000 is beginning with A and 2001 begins with B and so on.


This is SAM and his lady HIGHTAIL.

They are both 18 years old this year.

Hightail is given birth control by BLM so she is not able to produce foals.

When we were there they both lay down as if they thought we would take the watch.
She is sooo tired........
and so is he.
Beautiful SAM
Now he gave up.
They were still laying flat when we left them.

A couple of hours later we saw HighTail on her own.


She was there grazing by her self.
After a while she got a little nervous. I think I came too close.

Look at her legs.

The stripes is something that comes from far back in the past on wild horses.

She called and SAM came from the other side of the road. We were surprised so I did not manage to get a good picture then, but here is when he was near her again.

He is beatutiful isn´t he.
In perfect condition.

Here is a band further up in the mountains.
I think these are two mares and a young one.
Here they are seeking for food.

Here is the band stallion.

He was giving back some water to the ground here.