Laminitis in disguise.
This looks terrible and the veterinarian sentenced this Icelandic pony to death but it is really nothing special. Instead it's a regular laminitis case but instead of the white line getting stretched the sole got stretched which is fairly common. In this case how ever, the sole got so stretched and thin that it did brake.
Right front Left front
July 30 July 30
The steep top part of the hoof indicates that the hoof will get shorter when this grows all the way down to the ground
and when it does the hoof will be completely recoverd.
August 1 August 1
September 4 September 4

Nothing much to get exited about. At least parts of the sole will probably be exchanged sooner or later but when it does a new sole will be ready underneath. The horse is happy and so am I.

I'm sorry that last pictures got blurry. I tried to take them without a flash. I'll take new ones when I pass the next time.

October 1 October 1

The trimming on these last picture is done by his keeper.


Ove Lind
Swedish Hoof School Inc.