Swedish Hoof School wants to make a difference.
- A difference in the number of horses that, completely in vain, get put down prematurely because of some hoof related condition like Laminitis, Coffin bone rotation or Distal descent. 
- A difference in the number of horses that suffer pain and hardship because of people's lack of knowledge about the horse's digestion system. 

It took me nine years of testing to find a way to offer my horses free choice hay in a way that worked with the environment we keep domesticated horses in and at the same time made the horses eat in the way they are made for. Today I have solutions for everybody regardless of if the horses are inside 24/7 (lets hope not) or outside 24/7 (or anything in between). This is a complete revolution and only masochists choose other solutions when they have seen mine. If you want all that experience for free just visit www.SlowFeeding.com for a bundle of information and suggestions on feeding.

I would like all this to become common knowledge but I'm getting too old to educate small groups (it would take forever) so I have started to produce a DVD-series containing as much information as possible. Since I have very high demands on this information it will take some time to finish it. I have found most people producing DVDs and giving lectures only tell me "This is how it is" and "do this". Very seldom they tell me why and how. Here I want to make another difference because to me "the why and how" are extremely important since I want you to understand not only accept.

To get the hoof knowledge I have studied existing techniques, dissected more than thousand hooves and compared them with each other and with hooves on living horses, feral and domesticated. I have taken this knowledge and applied it to hoof care of thousands of horses of all breeds, sizes and ages, sick and sound. To get even more knowledge I've educated a group of 26 European hoof care specialists and collected even their experiences. I have used years to try to prove myself wrong but instead landed in a firm believe that my concept for explaining how hooves works is right and works on at least 99% of all horses.
The two major features with my concept are firstly that it works and secondly that it is extremely easy to perform. To be completely honest, it is remarkably easier than the traditional methods and all other methods we have found to compare with. It is also easier both to teach and to learn. I have proven that by teaching over 2300 Swedish horse owners to do a magnificent job maintaining their horse's hooves them selves.
Sadly enough there are still traditionalists that say that this must be too good to be true but none from that group has attended any of my classes. Both farriers and veterinarians that have attended my educations are astonished and most farriers that have attended the education have stopped nailing on metal shoes and are now recommending hoof boot or Jogging shoes as protection when needed.
It is hard to nail on traditional hoof protection when you understand what it does to the hoof.

While you are waiting for the DVDs please read everything on this website and the visit Facebook.com/NoFro.NoHorse and read all the articles in the top left menu and everything on the wall. That will probably keep you busy for as long as it takes me to get the DVDs ready because you have a lot to read. When you are done reading you can visit Youtube and search for SwedishHoofSchool to watch my videos.

About Swedish Hoof School.

Swedish Hoof School stands free from all methods, organizations and producers.

My experience and research has leaded me to a non traditional model of explanation for the function of the hoof. I'm not saying that this model of explanation is the absolute and final truth but I'm saying that working after this model of explanation give fantastic results that solves many traditional hoof issues and conditions.

To me "Coffin bone rotation", "Distal Descent", hoof cracks, flared and asymmetric hooves are no big issues. My student and I have excellent results both rehabilitating and teaching rehabilitation of all these conditions. I know that what I'm doing and teaching works. It is proven in real life over and over and over and over.

I don't do politics, which means that I believe that everybody has the same right to all available knowledge and therefor am I just as happy to educate both farriers, veterinarians, barefoot specialist and horse owners.

I don't do bickering. I don't want to discuss if your horse should be shod or barefoot. That discussion only makes people to lock up and loose focus of what is so much more important. Environment, feeding and Hoof Shape are all much more important than shod or barefoot. It is just as easy to destroy a barefoot hoof as it is to destroy a shod hoof. Our own horses are barefoot and I very seldom have horses shoed for rehabilitational purposes but I don't pass judgment on others. All horses shod or barefoot, will gain greatly from their hoof care provider having all available knowledge on hoof shape, feeding and environmental issues.

You can not be serious about hooves without including lots of knowledge about environment and feeding. To be completely honest a horse doesn't even need hoof care provided by humans if the environment and the feeding are 100% natural. Just look at the Zebras in Africa. Who is trimming them? 

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