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Small Mesh Hay Nets, Slow Feeding SMHN Original, G3.

1996 I started experimenting with what today is called "SlowFeeding" and now has become an international trend. I've probably constructed more than 30 different "Slow feeders" just to arrive at that some small modifications to the traditional haynet is the best. I've change the material, the mesh size, the yarn thickness and the design to reach todays SMHN with outstanding durability and extraordinary effects on the wellbeing of the horse.

Our SMHN generation 1 was made out of nylon but it turned out to absorbe water, get very dirty, freeze stiff in the winter cold and shrink.

Our SMHN generation 2 was made out of polyester and was much better than the old nylon nets since it did not absorbe water, get as dirty, freeze stiff in the winter or shrink as much. It also outlasted the old nylon nets by far.

Our current SMHN generation 3 is still made of polyester since it turned out to be so much better than nylon, polypropylene, and polyethen. It has a mesh size of 3.5cm = 1 3/8" and outlasts the generation 2 nets by far. By far does not mean that it lasts 2 or 3 or even 4 times longer, it means that we have passed all that and are still waiting for it to break.
You can find these SMHNs in 4 different sizes from "mini" for the trailer to a cylindrical ones for really large round bales HERE.

Our SMHN do not have draw string since that makes it too hard for the horses to get the last hay out. By hanging them flat it takes just as much effort to get the first and the last strand out.

I'm completely convinced that in 10 years Slow Feeding will be the standard way to feed horses.

Read more about Slow Feeding's Why, What and How here.

The reason I believe it will be the standard is because it is easier and cheeper for the horse owner and so much better for the horse. The horse owner do not have to worry about lunch feeding or any feeding times. It is be perfectly okay to sleep late on Saturday morning when it is raining and no problem staying out all night since the horse will have his hay accessible all the time without overeating.

Horses on Slow Feeding tends to be more harmonic, more willing to work, have improved stamina and health and he will allways be ready for you when you come to ride.

No more fast food because it is not good for you.

It is all about Equine hooves (not about barefoot vs. shoed horses).
Every month the word "horse" is entered over 20,000,000 times on Google.
Most of these horse interested people still believe coffin bone rotation, sinkers (lowering of the coffin bone), wall cracks and flares to be seriuous conditions and issues even though they are not anymore. All of them are today easy to understand, avoid and rehabilitate. Because this is unknown to the masses large number of horses are put down, completely in vain, only because of ignorance and missunderstandings. I'm giving away tons of knowledge and experiences to everyone that is interested in listening.

There are x-rays, photographs and articles going through every little "Why" and "How".
My goal is to get coffin bone rotation, distal descent (sinkers), wall cracks and flares on the extinct list all over the world.
You are able to ask questions and post pictures to get my advice and of course read everything everyone else writes.

And for all this I will charge you........ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

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